Cultural Dirt

     To illustrate what we mean by 'cultural dirt', here's an example. Some years ago we got a book of stories about Ganesha, the elephant-headed Indian god, since we realized about that time that India was still largely a polytheistic, pagan society and we might learn more about our own faith and gods from them. The man who compiled the book noted that these were only a few of the stories about Ganesha - while a child, he had heard literally hundreds of such stories.

     Pagans should also have hundreds of stories, or thousands, about our gods and goddesses - not just the handful that have managed to survive. And beyond that, if one wanted a math textbook, or political commentary, or a science cirruculum, that was Pagan-friendly--that, too, should be readily available. Not just one. Several!

     To grow  a Pagan society, we need all the cultural dirt we can get.