No Apologies

     Why the apologies every time someone wants to have a supportive forum for home schooling?  Actually I used to see this a lot in other settings about home schooling, but not much anymore.  Now it's mainly in reference to pagan home schooling that it seems to crop up.    Yea!  Let's hear it for those brave people who chose to be  Pagan and have children and then had the sense to see that sending them to a humanist institution is not going to help them turn out the next generation of pagans.  Only humanists.  That's what public schools are designed to do.  And they do that better than anything else. 
     It would be great to have  more support in raising these lovely young Pagans of tomorrow.  And it's time that the Pagan community at large stopped seeing families and children as basically Christian concepts.  Do we really accept that fertility has to do with human procreation?  That Pagans throughout the ages have seen it as a good thing to have children?  That it is an honor to marry and help create life?  We need to realize that ZPG is one of the many anti-life  lies out there. 
     Yes, it is a good thing when Pagans handfast , have children, raise those children themselves instead of farming them out, and take full responsibility for turning out strong, virtuous Pagans.  This world could use more of them.  Lots more.  So, no apologies. 

2007 Oak Hedge