The Politically Correct Lie

     Is it better to do one thing or another?  Is it more pagan or less?  Here we get into some nasty waters.  It is not PC right now to say that one thing is better than another.  One way is not good and another bad.  It's perfectly OK to do whatever you want as long as it works for you right now.  Indeed, to even talk too much about happy things or things that went well is, in some quarters, enough to get you into trouble because it might make people who have had bad experiences feel sad or inferior in some way. 
     Some things need to be made clear from the beginning.  Good and evil exist.  They were not invented by anybody.  It is not pagan to say that nothing is evil.  Evil is not an experience that is important to go through.  It is not a path to power.  It does not make anyone stronger.  For as long as our memories go back there has been evil.  And people unfortunately who have gone over to it.  And every religion I know of has a special place in their cosmology for these people.  This is not Christian, Jewish, Muslim or paternalistic.  This is a deep and true understanding of how the world works.  Evil does exist; and people who embrace it cut themselves off from humanness.
     Not only does evil exist, but there are indeed better and worse ways to do things, whether big or little doesn't matter.  Now that doesn't mean there is not a variety of perfectly fine ways to do things of all sorts.  But that doesn't mean that there are not wrong ways.  It's just silly to say that it's fine to try and cut an onion with a wooden spoon.  Or to say that commercial formula is just fine for babies.   This information may make some people feel bad.  But that doesn't change the facts.  And having true information is the only thing that is going to really make people happy.  Happiness follows doing what is right, not the other way around.  Most happily for us, doing what is right is naturally joyful.  Of course, the gods made it so.  It is how things were meant to work. 
     Confusion comes in at several points.  All of the monotheistic religions have for most of their histories equated evil with the Pagan religions.  This vicious lie has over the course of time led to great confusion as to what pagans believed and what the meaning was behind certain rites.  Indeed, even to the extent of seeing the monotheistic version of the same thing being wholesome and the pagan version as perverse. A food offering to their god is seen as communion, but to a pagan deity as an attempt to placate the force of evil. 
     But of course the ultimate source of all lies is evil.  And that being the case, they have at their heart the desire to destroy all that is alive--and human in particular.  So these lies have turned into more lies--about it being perverse to nurse your toddler,  that men and women are naturally antagonistic, and that abundance does not exist.  These lies have wormed their way deeply into our culture and are well on their way to wreaking unprecedented havoc upon humans, indeed upon all life.  So twisted has general thinking become that to show your love for animals means to make sure there are fewer of them.  To show your love for children means to have fewer of them.  To show your love and respect for your spouse means to spend less time with him or her.  Et cetera ad nauseum.
     These lies are designed to hurt us, hopefully (from evil's point of view) to destroy us.  Harsh words, but true.  Look at the sickness of the children around us now.  Look at how many seniors have no grandchildren.  But I believe we can still pull this out.  If good people will choose to follow their hearts and trust in the old ways, then there is hope.  Our Gods have not deserted us; we left them.  But they will honor the promises they made to our ancestors.  They are faithful.  They will help us to find the paths that are true.  To hold to what is best for us and ours.  We can learn to know lies when we hear them.  We can learn to act with sense, to live with honor and joy.  There is no honor, joy or sense in continuing to try and cut onions with wooden spoons.  Let us cease to be politically correct, and instead, be true.

2007 Oak Hedge