About Us
Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir! Hail the Chidren of Dana!

We are a Pagan homeschooling family in New England, who have long been confronted with the lack of good resources for traditional
Pagan or Heathen families.

This has inspired us to create this website, on which we will be offering resources for homeschooling use,  as well as general cultural resources –
‘cultural dirt’ as we like to think of it: essays, handbooks, stories, songs, and poetry.

Our name comes from the Oak (a tree sacred to Thor, among other Gods), and the concept of a hedge – an enclosure within which is safety, sacred space, joy and peace – in a word, Home.

Our family’s beliefs include:
·        The Gods are real People, not ‘myths’ or ‘archetypes’.
·         The Gods made us for this world.
·         The world is of perfect design.
·         We acknowledge and honor the Gods, the Fey, and our ancestors.
·         We honor our connection to all life by first honoring our family and clan.
·         We may be reborn into our clan.
·         Women nurture life; men guard life.