Oak Hedge


Books are not yet available; we are currently researching  publication methods. So, please check back or drop us a note or e-mail to let us know you are interested, and we will contact you when the book in question is available.

Below are short descriptions and excerpts for the books we are getting ready to publish.

Magical Girlhood                                        
This is a handbook for girls approaching menarche, offering
infomation from a Pagan perspective.

Mother's Book of Magical Girlhood       
A companion book to Magical Girlhood for mothers.

The Queen of Ireland's Daughter          
This is the story of Fiona, the daughter of the King and Queen of
Ireland. For anyone who knows 'The King of Ireland's Son' by Padraic Colum, this is intended as a sequel. It can also, however, be read on its own. Our children have enjoyed this story from age 7 up.