Magical Girlhood
                         Table of Contents

                                    Outer Changes
                                     Inner Changes
                                     Needful Things

     This time of your life has been traditionally referred to as girlhood-yes, right up until you are old enough to marry.  That was what girlhood, as opposed to childhood or  womanhood, meant.  Girls are females not ready to marry and become wives and mothers.  Another older word for this age was maidenhood--unfortunately, nobody has used that one for quite a while either!
   So in this book I'm going to stick to referring to this as your girlhood.  A very special and full time in your life, even without people trying to sell you things you don't need!  This is a time for you to be polishing skills you already have, taking them to new levels, and learning more skills you weren't old enough and sophisticated enough to handle before now.  It's also a time for you to be acquiring more and deeper knowledge about how things work--how the world is put together, and how you're put together, and to understand more deeply even why it's put together.  That's a lot to cover between menarche (which means starting to menstruate) and becoming a woman.  And all about menarche and what that means to you is just one of those things to learn.  Indeed, one of the most important things for you to learn about.  And that's what this book is about.

2007 Colette Tanafon