Oak Hedge


These litanies are meant to be read by one person leading, with the others
responding in unison. This sort of litany is now associated with the Christian
Church, but we doubt that it originated with them. This type of ritual declaration
and response has, we feel, some value in learning about the Gods and
Goddesses, since litanies often encapsulate their attributes and stories
about them . Never underestimate the power of repetition, especially for

Note, the descriptions below are as close as we can come in a few words.
The Gods and Goddesses are real People and not as specialized as one might think, if you believe most academics and books on 'mythology'.

Litany to Bride (or Brigid, the Celtic triple goddess of poetry, smithcraft and
the hearth fire)

Litany to Freya (Norse/Germanic goddess of magic and love)

Litany to Freyr (Norse/Germanic god of fertility)

Litany to Mannanan (Celtic god of the sea and the otherworld)

Litany to Thor (Norse/Germanic god of thunder)